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Do I Need a Building Permit?

You are ready to begin a renovation. One of the first questions you ask is, “do I need a building permit?” The idea of obtaining a building permit is intimidating and complicated to most people. It sometimes seems like an unnecessary hurdle that you would rather avoid. Here are some very important points to consider: […]

FAQ – How to Setup New Project Alerts

Let the Work Come to You Did you know you can set up new project alerts from your Contractor Dashboard so you never miss a lead! Whether you’re a general contractor, landscaper, drywaller, plumber or electrician, new projects are always on your mind. New work keeps your business busy and growing! You can setup new […]

How Do You Negotiate a Fair Deal with a Contractor

“I Just Want to Start Building” You’ve got quotes, checked contractor references, and done all of your homework. Now it is time to move forward to solidify a deal with a contractor to get your project off the ground.  Negotiating a fair and secure deal with a contractor can set your project up for success […]

How to Find a Local Service Provider in Canada

Your Vision You have worked long and hard to plan your project and make your vision become a reality now. Now it’s time to find a local service provider in Canada to get your project off the ground!  The first step is to post your project to get quotes and start assembling the building blocks. […]